New Application Submissions
Any new applications should be submitted to ABHES online via DropBox Applications.  All applications must indicate the type of application and the file name must include your ABHES ID#, type of application, and date of submission (ex. I-100_DEModification_32020).

Payment of any fees can now be remitted electronically via bank transfer, or by credit card, where a 2.9% convenience fee is to be applied.  Please contact the Accounting Department at to obtain your invoice. A spreadsheet to calculate application fees is now available for immediate download and use. This spreadsheet is not a requirement, but it will help schools facilitate accurate calculation of fees prior to contacting ABHES for an invoice.

Please click below to download the corresponding applications:

Application for Institutional Accreditation
Application for Programmatic Accreditation
Application for Initial Accreditation for a Surgical Technology Program
Application for Accreditation Addendum
Application for Approval to Conduct “Other Business” on School Premises
Application for Change in Academic Measurement
Application for Change in Accreditation Status
Application for Change in Location
Application for Change in Mission
Application for Change in School Name
Application for Change in Legal Status, Ownership or Control Part I
Application for Change in Legal Status, Ownership or Control Part II
Application for Excluded Continuing Education Courses or Programs
Application for Initial Distance Education Delivery
Application for Minor Program Revision
Application for Modification of Distance Education Delivery
Application for New Program Approval
Application for Non-Main Campus Inclusion
Application for Reclassification to a Main Campus
Application for Separate Educational Center
Application for Substantive Program Revision